Being in Lockdown with your Children is difficult

Keeping them busy is a challenge

Engaging them with studying could be considered impossible!

Expecting you to help them with all their studies is unrealistic

But My Own Tutor can.

We help with all aspects of your children's schoolwork.

See How with our Virtual Tuition Centre


My Own Tutor's study programme has helped 1000s of children  over the last 10 years

Our study programme effectively:

  • Educates

  • Engages

  • Entertains

My Own Tutor in partnership with E.denred

has a special price.

You will receive your login details within 24 hours of signing up

There is no long term commitment.

If you don't find it useful, you can cancel at any time.

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If you wish to register a student please fill in the form below and pay for the study programme, you will not be asked to pay for Virtual Tuition Session yet; we will get back to you to arrange your sessions 

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  • Our Virtual Tuition Centre is a revolutionary and unique offering in these difficult times.

  • Many children will have been attending tuition centres where they turn up every week....and these are not happening now.

  • Additionally, many parents have children at home with lots of time on their hands. Getting them to do their schoolwork can be a challenge...having a set timetable at which they do their schoolwork helps with that.

  • Many of these children will need help while they are doing their work.

  • Some schools may not have been able to put in place work to do which gets marked, gives feedback and gives help to the student.

  •  My Own Tutor's Virtual Tuition Centre is the answer:

  • In our tuition centre:

  • they will be supervised and encouraged during the one hour sessions - whether it is work given by the school, or work from our study programme.

  • When they need help with anything, they get help from the professional tutor who supervises the session.

  • This is not like a class, where all students are taught the same thing; it is just like the physical tuition centres, where they get on with the work they need to be doing (individually) and get one-to-one help as they need it during the session.

  • There are just 9 students in each session.

  • If you choose one of the weekly packages, our Essential Study Programme is included in the price.

A Mother's Lament

'It’s impossible’: mother of four’s tirade about remote schooling.

Parents of school-aged children who are frustrated with being forced by coronavirus to supervise their education for potentially months on end have found their champion in a very cross Israeli mother.

She rails on Instagram that, “It’s not working this distance learning thing. Seriously, it’s impossible, it’s crazy!”

“You’ve finished us off - it’s only the second day! If we don’t die of corona, we’ll die of distance learning!” she shouts into the camera in a 90-second rant posted on Instagram.

“One of my daughter’s teachers is living in a dream world if he thinks she’ll get up at 8am to see him on screen. 8am she only just manages to roll over in bed. Where do you get off?” she says.

The woman, who says she has four children, complains that schools are asking too much of parents who are running from “one child to the other – here’s science, here’s math – forget it! And how am I supposed to know all those things? Now our children will find out how dumb we are… How am I supposed to know how to transform an improper fraction?

The music teacher of my youngest sent over a musical score this morning. What am I going to do with that information? What, have I got some band in the house? I can’t read music. Just one second, let me pull out my clarinet and help my son with his score. Enough guys, teachers, dial it down with the expectations.”

March 20, 2020




One single session at the Virtual Tuition Centre

Choose preferred day and time


£29 Per Week

5 Sessions every morning

Year 2-7 starts at 9.30

Year 8-10 starts at 11.00


£29 Per Week

5 Sessions every afternoon

Year 2-7 starts at 2:00pm

Year 8-10 starts at 3:30pm

Customised ​Learning Plans
My Own Tutor provides: 
  • Exercises in most subjects up to GCSE - all marked instantly by our system.
  • Lessons in Maths, English and Science (Year 1 to Year 11) 
  • Reports to the student (and parents) at topic level which show clearly how the student is doing.
  • You can add on attendance at Virtual Classroom sessions at times to suit you.

Any family that subscribes to My Own Tutor will receive free membership of Shop2Learn benefits and savings scheme to help towards tuition costs.


This includes:

  • Discounts at supermarkets, clothes and electronics shops

  • Savings on many areas of family spending





* £4.00 price does NOT include Teacher Line