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Below you will find more detailed inforamtion about our services.

My Own Tutor Academy will 

  • Boost Confidence

  • Help struggling students

  • Allow more able and talented students to progress more quickly

  • Prepare students for exams

  • Provide relaxed and effective conversational English classes

  • Provide a complete set of courses to learn English

  • Provide an engaging and effective method of learning for students of all levels.

Virtual Classes

In our Virtual Class lessons we offer a variety of really effective and affordable tuition. All of the lessons are recorded, so after each lesson you get the recorded lesson sent to you to watch as many times as you like:

Each of the lessons sessions is only 30 minutes. Research shows very clearly that lessons which are longer than that are likely to lose the attention of the students. Virtual lessons allow us to provide the learning time which is optimal. 

Each lesson session has no more than 10 students per lesson.

Every lesson is recorded and free for  to you to watch as many times as you wish after the lesson.

  • Each week we will thoroughly explain how to answer each question type to make sure students achieve the best exam grads possible. This is just £9 per session.

  • 12 week course for GCSE Exam preparation in Maths, English and the 3 Science subjects, where each week we thoroughly go through how to answer each question type, to make sure students get the best exam grades possible.This is Just £9 per session 

  • Conversational English - improve your skills in speaking English in a group session. First 2 sessions free and £7 per lesson after that.

  • English language courses for foreign students at Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels. 30 minute sessions for maximum effectiveness and convenience.

      Just £9 per session.‚Äč

My Own Tutor Study Programme

Our study programme can be used as a stand-alone service at home or in conjunction with our Tuition Centres or Virtual Lessons. Either way it provides fantastic learning support:

  • Exercises and Lessons in Maths, English & Science

  • Exercises in most other subjects to GCSE

  • Teacherline support

  • Assessments

  • Easy to understand Topic Level Reports

  • Proven to give effective, affordable learning support in its 10 year+ existence.

  • Watch videos about our Study Programme Here


We work with aspirational parents who want the very best educational outcomes for their children.

  • Our program adapts itself to student levels and abilities and ensures fast progress is made through fun and engaging learning.

  • Parents and carers have full control and transparency with weekly progress reports.

  • Our students own their journey through an individualised and engaging programme of learning that develops independent, ambitious learners....but with advice and guidance always at hand.

  • We enable parents, carers and adult learners to support themselves and young learners.

  • We offer rewards and savings that will help you to pay for student sessions.

My Own Tutor  offers the best value and quality service – compare us against the rest and call now for a free session!