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Children who have missed a lot of schooling can catch up on lessons and get ahead

ready for when school starts.

It is really important to get our children back into the habit of regularly studying, especially when an important year is coming up for them.


We are offering two 1hr

virtual sessions 

four days a week:

In addition to these we offer each afternoon a one hour study period where the student can be given individual assistance on a particular topic that is causing them concern.

Monday & Thursday       - Maths 

Tuesday                            - Science  (Years 9,10,11)


Wednesday                     - English


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Age groups:

Year 11 for those who may be challenging the grade allocated to them and wanting to take an exam in the autumn (though at this stage it is not clear if that is going to be allowed)


Year 9 & 10 – preparation for GCSE


Years 5,6,7 - preparation for SATs and transition to year 7  (year 8s wanting to go over previous years’ study can also join this group.


£10 per session

6 Maths and English sessions p/w - £50 (Save £10)  


Add on 2 Science sessions (lesson and study period) £70


*In September we are launching our Virtual Schools, where we will offer a full study programme in the main subjects for Years 10 and 11, and a primary school – years 2-6.